Index funds are great, but they aren’t the only way to make money grow

image via nattanan23 on pixabay

For an example, let’s literally grow some money

Seeds have one of the absolute highest ROIs I have ever seen when you really break down the math, and I’m not talking about cannabis.

I challenge you to find me a stock that shows returns that high.

Realistically, our little basil business also does have a definite ceiling based on the space we have available, our own time for watering, and how many people locally would like to buy herbs for their kitchen. My point here is not that we should all immediately start selling basil, but that when you look at an index fund as the only successful option to build wealth, you may be missing other opportunities in the market.

1 part girl boss, 1 part designer, 1 part writer, and 1 part depressed potato.

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